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The Wisp Ethic
The Best of Nature & Science!

botanical-ingredients-pic.jpgWisp collection is a complete skin care regime suitable for most skin types. We believe that skincare should be non-sensitizing and gentle on skin. We carefully edit the ingredients in our line up and pick only those that are safe, effective and optimal for skin health. While we choose organic and natural ingredients wherever it makes sense, we know there are many natural ingredients that can be aggravating to skin and must be carefully considered. Our products are formulated with Botanical Extracts, Exotic Oils, Butters and skin conditioning ingredients. We don't add questionable ingredients to our products, like parabens, fragrance, DEA, sulfates, formaldehyde, Dye, animal products, retinols  (see product ingredients for full ingredient list). Our skin care smells like it smells naturally. Our unconventional offerings of clean, safe and effective body and facial care, will leave your skin healthier and glowing.

  • Steam distilled botanical extracts
  • Micro-manufactured
  • No animal testing
  • Exclusively made in Canada

What sets Wisp apart?
We want you to make your own rules!

no-parabens-fragrance-pic.pngMix, Match or combine our products. Cleanse twice a day, or once. Or just splash some water on your face. Add a couple of drops of facial oil to your moisturizer to boost its performance, as needed. Some days you need a cream. Some days, a lotion. It's all up to you. Our products stand on their own or compliment each other. Practice a few simple skincare steps and become your own beauty expert. What is also important, is what is NOT in our products.

NO Parabens, Formaldehyde, Sulfates, DEA, Harsh chemicals, Fragrance oil, Perfume, Mineral oil, Animal Oils, Retinol and more.
Our products are Biodegradable. Our shampoo and body washes are Phosphate Free. We use a globally approved, Paraben/Formaldehyde free preservative in our products at the lowest level possible, for your safety and peace of mind. NO Animal testing.

aloe-skin-care-pic.jpgBreak Free

Synthetic Fragrance can break down the skin barrier over time. Allowing your skin to rest from products laden with synthetic fragrance and harsh ingredients will help your skin achieve balance. You don't have to give up effectiveness to have safer and cleaner skincare.

Tested on People
Proudly Made in Canada.


"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"
                                                leonardo da vinci