Just Intense Crushed Minerals..For Eyes, Face, Body

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Just Intense Crushed Minerals

...Our ultimate Multi-tasker!

Use as an Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, nail polish, lipgloss...apply to hair with hair gel, even a body shimmer! 


  • NEVER diluted---intense crushed pigment
  • Use with *Transformer as an eyeliner (*Transformer is sold separately)
  • use with a clear lipgloss to make any of lipgloss
  • use as is, as a soft, translucent eyeshadow
  • use with hair gel...apply to hair
  • use with a moisturizer or body lotion to give body a shimmering, sexy sheen
  • use with clear nail enamel to make intense colours

Tip: Apply directly on the center of lips for a pop of colour

Our Transformer changes powder into liquid eyeliner...for more information click here


IN STOCK:  ANGELIC-baby pink, bar hop (deep purple)


 *Is our makeup "Natural"?
No. Simply because there is no such thing. At least legally. Colour additives are strictly regulated (even botanical colours) and with good reason. We do, however, want our makeup as "clean" as possible. One thing you can be sure of is our Makeup products are Safe, of professional quality and manufactured for Wisp in a renowned, Canadian manufacturing facility and adheres strictly to Health Canada regulations. We're happy to provide the ingredient list for any of our makeup products...just contact us and we'll email you the list, Pronto!





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